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3 Student created articles about their 5th Grade Field Trip!

5th Grade Field Trip ( 1 )

By: Emmie Johnson 


Syracuse 5th graders went on a field trip to Nebraska City on Friday April 29, 2022. They took an exciting trip to the past to the Civil War, at the Civil War Museum, and enjoyed Valentino's Pizza afterward. Then, after filling themselves full of pizza and dessert, they entered a world of fire safety and artifacts at the Firefighter Museum. 


At the Firefighter Museum the young ones learned about the history of how people back then put out fires. They visited the room that held all of the records of some fires. They also went through a dark simulation maze. They do this to have kids understand how they feel going into burning houses. The tour guides warned the children about the low ceiling so they wouldn’t hit their heads. Some kids didn’t listen to their warnings and bonked their heads. OUCH, that's got to hurt!


Here are some quotes from the students explaining their favorite parts or what they learned on this trip. McKenzie Jones stated, “Valentino’s was my favorite part of the trip.” Mataya Peterson recalled “I learned that peanuts don’t grow on trees.” Maddie Parde says, “I got to ride in a broken fire truck and press all of the buttons.” Our last quote is from Turner Zahn. He stated, “At the museum, I was going through the maze and I was about ¾ in then because I didn’t see the light. I hit my head really hard, and it hurt badly.”  Overall the kids all had fun on their field trip.



5th Grade Field Trip ( 2 )

By: Makenna Schroeder


            On April 29, 2022 the SDA fifth graders took a trip to the Firefighter’s Museum and the Civil War Museum in Nebraska City. The SDA fifth grade students, some of their parents, and the fifth-grade teachers from Syracuse went on the field trip. They went to the museums to learn about the importance of fire safety and history. 


            At the Civil War Museum, the fifth graders got to try on costumes and act like they were people in the Civil War.  They also had miniature models of the ships that the Confederacy and the Union used. In addition, they had a whole fight scene that was very tiny and intricate. One of the tour guides even sang Civil War songs. His favorite was a song about a girl who had two brothers-one fought for the south and one fought for the north. The song was called The Knot of Blue and the Gray.


            When fifth grade student Isley Brinkman was asked what she learned, she said, “There were a bunch of different flags during the Civil War.” Overall the SDA fifth grade students learned about the importance of fire safety and history about the Civil War.



Syracuse 5th Grade Field Trip to Nebraska City ( 3 )

By: Teara Marrs


On April 29, 2022, Syracuse 5th graders went to Nebraska City to the Civil War Museum and the Firefighter Museum to learn about the past.

The Civil War Museum was the most fun museum in my opinion. At this museum, we learned about the attack at Gettysburg, cannons, guns, clothing, swords, living areas, and wars in general. Another interesting part was learning about all the famous people like Abraham Lincoln. Many students got to dress up in dresses and uniforms. We got to sing songs while the classes sat and sang too. The building was extremely old.

Another place we went was the Firefighter Museum. They told us it was the oldest fire department in Nebraska! They also got a call while we were in the department. Every class got a group picture on the fire truck. They went from pulling equipment, to horses pulling it, then to automobiles.

Kirsten Knake, fifth grade student said,” My favorite part was probably looking at old stuff at the Civil War Museum.” As you can see, the 5th graders enjoyed their visit.

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