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Summer Strength & Athletic Performance Announcement

April 29, 2022

Summer Strength & Athletic Performance Information:

- Opening Day = May 31st

- Closed = Week of July 4th - 8th for recovery/de-load

- Closing Day = August 5th


- Monday, Wednesday and Friday = Lifting Days

- Tuesday & Thursday = Athletic Performance & Conditioning Days


- High School Focused Sessions = 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM

- Middle School Focused Sessions = 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Other Information:

- Will increase your ability to compete in sports and optimize your strength, speed, and athleticism (plus your coaches would love to see you)

- Sessions can be mixed if athletes can't make it @ their focused time, but try to stick to your age sessions if possible as equipment is limited

- Is open to SDA students not in sports that have an interest in health & fitness

- For the first week or two each session will meet in the weight room to start

- Athletic performance days include sprint, agility, medicine ball, and jump work

- Lifting days will be full body workouts with a focus on squat, bench press & deadlift

- Athletic trainer will be available during certain times most days

- Program is run by strength coach in conjunction with high school and junior high sports coaches

- Move or Die Mindset = Get in, work hard, work fast, work together, get out - GET YOKED!


Answers to Common Questions:

- Coach Kuhl recommends students/athletes under the age of 13 NOT participate in the weight training sessions on M-W-F --- however, they SHOULD participate in the athletic performance sessions on T-TH

- A new session starts @ the top of each hour --- so start times for sessions are: 6 AM, 7 AM, 8 AM & 9 AM

- Please bring your own water or sports drink, especially for outdoor sessions

- If athletes miss a workout day, they will not be asked to make it up, they will simply move on to the next workout day they are present = eyes forward, not backward

- Supportive equipment such as belts, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, etc. are recommended for joint support and injury prevention but will need to be purchased by athletes/parents or guardians


If you have any additional questions please email Coach Kuhl @ dkuhl@sdarockets.org

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