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Homecoming Festivities October 2nd

On Friday, October 2, the High School Student Council is having a Homecoming Celebration! This celebration will include a DANCE !!!!, multiple games, and pizza! The games  include a nerf-gun course! It will begin after the Syracuse football team beats the Cougars and will end at 12. The Homecoming theme this year is Safari. Please wear safari themed outfits to the game to show your school spirit! If you have any questions about the Friday night festivities, please contact a . . . read more

Syracuse Mentoring Program 2015-2016

The Syracuse Mentoring Program will be seeking mentors for the students at the Syracuse Middle and High School Levels. The program will be coordinated by the administrators/guidance counselors and Jane Green, former TeamMates™ Mentoring Coordinator for the school before retiring in 2010. Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 24, in the High School Library at 7 a.m . Dr. . . . read more

How Schools Are Handling An 'Overparenting' Crisis

Transcript printed on NPR website

Have you ever done your children's homework for them? Have you driven to school to drop off an assignment that they forgot? Have you done a college student's laundry? What about coming along to Junior's first job interview? These examples are drawn from two new books — How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims and The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey. . . . read more

Districtwide Events

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