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School Supplies Lists for all schools!

  Here are the School Supply Lists for each school for the New School Year!     Syracuse High School Supply List

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For Freshmen Only! How to use Powerschool

Grades are VERY important in high school.  Want to know how to use Powerschool to your advantage?  This video will show you how to navigate the different features of Powerschool.  Give it a try!                      

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For Freshmen Only! Importance of School Activities

GETTING INVOLVED IN EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITES     What should I join?   There are multiple organizations you can join as a freshman FBLA, FFA, SkillsUSA, SOS, STOP, Speech, Drama, Math Club, Book Club, Student Council, Art Club Participate in three sports’ seasons Perform in band or choir   How do I know what to join?   Think about . . .

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For Incoming Freshmen Only! G.P.A., Class Rank, and Powerschool

As you begin your first year of HS, it is important to know that how successful you are in the classroom, as a freshman, is just as important as it will be your senior year.  Your class rank and g.p.a. are cumulative, which means each semester counts the same.  Getting off to a good start is a key to finishing with a solid grade point average and class rank.   Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) :  Individual grade point averages are determined by the grades you . . .

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For Freshmen Only! How do I study in high school?

Study Techniques   No matter which style; The more you relate to your life – the easier it will be to learn and retain   Visual = Seeing                     Aural = hearing Draw Pictures when . . .

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Districtwide Events

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